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tv   News  ABC  May 30, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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-- celebrities and organizations lending their name to the bill. those are your tech bites.
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now "good morning maryland." friends and family come together remembering a 12-year- old boy shot and killed while playing outside. today we pause to remember all of the brave servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice to help keep us safe. and president obama gets the firsthand look from the ground and the air. the destruction of joplin missouri. what metsage he had to those who -- message he had for those who lost everything. thanks for joining us i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's very warm out today. we will send things over to meteorologist justin berk to
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see what's in store. >> summer came rushing in after friday evening's complex of storms. this image is from jim skiler. this is from the essex area as the storm blew past baltimore and much of the dc area getting rocked with big time storms. as we were watching this complex blow through. i wanted to show you this other one. a challenge but which one was more impressive a beautiful shot jim thanks for sharing that. we are looking at heat advisory today. hazy humid and storm free with the index up to 100 regardless of what -- hazy, humid and storm free with the index up to 100 regardless of what it says midday up to extreme range statewide. put on the sunscreen and hat and shades. we will talk about how hot it will get and how long it will last in a moment. back to you. >> thanks. people across the country are celebrating memorial day
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honoring soldiers who lost their lives. now while families in ohio mourn the loss of four service members recently killed in action, abc2's rick benson has the story. >> brian p. garcia, united states navy. >> reporter: this memorial day weekend people in washington state recognized a few of the forgotten. veterans who never received a proper burial until now. ♪ grace that taught my heart ♪ >> aid frightening thing for human, to think they could die and that no one would know to mark their graves to say where they come from to note what they had done. >> reporter: at golden gate national cemetery in california, boy scouts placed american flags at each of the 138,000 grave sights to honor fallen -- grave sites to honor fallen veterans. >> i respect and honor them and -- and if i were they, i would do the sam thing. >> reporter: u.s. army chief
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warrant officer of ohio was killed last week dying in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. >> chris was what every dad wants his kid to be. he was hard working. he was honest. he dedicated since i was-- he was 8 he this is all he wanted to do. he did what he always wanted to. >> i think. [audio not understandable] >> i want to get him home. >> reporter: two others and a marine from ohio were killed in the past few days while serving in afghanistan. rick vincent abc2 news. >> the national memorial day parade will be held in dc a little later today. the parade features marching bands and veteran groups from all 50 states. president obama is also expected to participate in the wreath playing ceremony at the arlington national cemetery. today is memorial day and events are planned around the
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area to pay tribute to the men and women in uniform who have served our country. one of the many ceremonies planned will take place at due leany valley memorial gardens. soldiers and marines killed in eye racky free -- iraqi freedom will be honored. there will be a 21-gun salute and a national guard bapped taking part. everything starts at ten this morning -- band taking part. everything starts at ten this morning and it's open to the public. you can find a police of the -- a complete list of things going on on our website. a vigil set to take place at site where a 12-year-old was shot and killed. friends and family are expected to gather at five. sean johnson was playing outside last week when he and three others were shot. the died a the hospital and the other boys are expected to
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survive. 5:35. making headlines this morning, sean kingston is in the hospital in florida this morning. he was hurt in a jet ski crash yesterday. right now official say they are investigating ex-- officials say they are -- are investigating what happened. >> i don't know what caused the accident. that's something we will be looking into. our investigators are trying to interview the young lady that was in the -- sitting as a passenger and we are trying to gather information from witnesses that may have been in the area. >> there's no word on the condition of kingston and his passengers. he rose to fame with 2007 hit "beautiful girl." a delta flight flying into atlanta cause caught fire and land saturday afternoon. no one was injured. the airline said the brakes overheated on the taxiway and it started the fire. all people on board were evacuated from the plane. the flight was arriving in atlanta from pittsburgh.
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president obama wants the people of joplin, missouri to know they are not alone. coming up, what the president is offering to victims in the tornado hit area. endeavour is on its way home after a final and historic flight. when will the crew finally reach earth. as we head to break a look at our mdot camera. i-95, not much traffic on this monday morning. you are watching "good morning maryland."
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you're watching abc2, baltimore. president obama made a pledge to the people of joplin, missouri. >> absolutely e traveled to the town -- he traveled to the town one week after the tornado left a trail of destruction. >> we have more in this report. >> reporter: president obama got the first happened look at the destruction from the massive f5 tornado that ripped through joplin one week ago assured . he assured victims that the country was behind them. >> this is not just your tragedy. that is national tragedy and that means there will be a national response. >> reporter: he told the families the government will do
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everything possible to help with search and rescue as well as rebuilding. and he praised all the volunteers who have come out to help. residents expressed the same gratitude. >> every road i drive down the volunteers are on every corner. people are just bringing step by the truckloads and it's more than i could have imagined that people would do and it's been absolutely amazing. >> reporter: so far, more than 140 bodies have been recovered. hundreds have been injured and dozens more are still unaccounted for. at a memorial service to remember those victims, missouri governor nixon promised joplin will rise from the rubble. >> together we can and we will rebuild upon a granite foundation of faith. what we build on this hollowed ground will be a living monument to those we lot of. >> reporter: the -- loft. >> reporter: the president reit -- loft. >> reporter: the -- lost. >> reporter: the president
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reiterated his help. >> we will be with you every step of the way until joplin is restored and the community is back on its feet. we are not going anywhere. >> reporter: stephanie sy, abc news. >> for those living in battle creek, michigan they will spend the day cleaning up. powerful storms ripped through the town yesterday up uprooting trees and knocking down power lines and damaging homes and businesses. >> business old-- big old twirl like wind, rain gushing. >> we heard glass shattering. >> and it was all like within two minutes where it was like everything was coming. >> city officials have opened the shelter at a high school offering to help anyone displaced from the storm. the red cross has been bitsy -- busy with all the storms and now michigan. >> we heard they responded an average of 3 house fires a day locally. so when you think about north carolina alabama missouri and michigan this puts more frees on-- stress on themselves.
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-- more stress on themselves. red >> the weather has been calm and it's been hot and you are probably wondering if you have the day off what it will be like today. so here's justin berk. >> we have no air conditioning and they can't get anybody out until tomorrow. you got to feel for them. if you are without air conditioning because you don't have it because it's not working, today is the day we encourage you to go someplace public. loy beary grocery store and hang out in the produce section and see a movie -- library, grocery store or hang out in the produce section or see a movie. i got 30 seconds. look at the boat traffic. i want to show you temperatures right now at 73 there. 71 owings mills and 75 it's stifling up at carroll county. sometimes with clear skies and the heat rises in the higher elevations. we have patchy fog in the hereford zone. the complex of storms that came through michigan is east of
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scranton. northwest new jersey and metro new york will get hit on the chin with a hard complex of storms but we are outside of the storm track and we are hot and dry and will talk about how hot it will get and how long it will last in just a moment. back to you. right now endeavour is on its way home. the shuttle undocked late last night. scheduled to land wednesday and it's going to mark the end of endeavour service and it will leave one remaining shuttle mission atlantis scheduled for later this summer. >> he spent several days fighting an infection in march. >> coming, sources telling abc2 news hall of famer brooks robinson is in the hospital once again. >> reporter: harford county teens fight for changes after a friend drowns on saturday. more on the push for no swimming sign at havre de grace.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:47 right now. friend and family of 16-year- old michael sawyer are trying to come to to terms with his death this morning. he drowned over the weekend on saturday in havre de grace in a park. in the midst of the grief friend are take steps to prevent this tragedy from
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happening. sherrie johnson joins to us tell us what they are planning to do. >> reporter: well, friends of 16-year-old michael sawyer plans to take the issue to the city council. they want signs posted by the water at the jean roberts memorial park. his friends gathered to remember the teen in a vigil. he drowned on saturday in the susquehanna river. michael and his friends were out about 30 feet from shore at park when he started to struggle. his friend tried to help but they got to him too late. searchers found his body an hour later and friend want to know why no swimming signs were notposted. and this morning, they are trying to come to terms with that loss. >> he was an upbeat guy. every day always laughing and smiling and having jokes going on. don't want to believe it's real but it is. >> reporter: the harford county police are investigating this swimming death right now. it doesn't appear that drugs or alcohol or foul play were factors. investigators are waiting on toxicology reports from the medical examiner's office.
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sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's 5:48. thanks a lot. and another teen drowns this time in jarrettsville. rescue crews pulled the body of a 19-year-old from deer creek on rock state park. authorities say he was a soldier from aberdeen proving ground swimming with friend when he went under. a boater is missing. authorities believe the boater fell overboard in the chesapeake bay near annapolis. maryland natural resource police say 40-year-old mark harveson disappeared saturday. they say the boat's operator last saw him walking towards the rear of the vessel. brooks robinson is back in the hospital this morning. he bounced back and was able to make a few public appearances. last week was at the dugout zone signing autographs and brooks turned 74 years old. a little sports.
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o's he with oakland riding a five-game winning streak to have it handed to him. the a's beat the o's 3 straight games. zack britton had the roughest outing as the o's lose 6-4. now they are up to seattle for a 3- game set there. 45,000 strong in the m and t bank stadium for a weekend in lacrosse. later today virginia tying with up maryland for the d1 lacrosse championship but it may be like a homecoming. nobody had a better run in the playoffs than joe cummings from maryland. curtis played at mcdunna before going to the terps and harry played at gillman now he is a cavalier at virginia and that's to name a few of the title time today at 3:30ch the terp win lost to north win and congrats to salisbury, the 9th title beating the sea gulls 19-7.
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now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> felt like the heat built in yesterday. five degrees in baltimore and you want to find the heat it hit 90 in charleston west virginia. that's the stuff that build eastbound. we will get a taste of it today and on this memorial day, the 30th of may, we have normally would be down to 56 in the morning and a high of 78 in the afternoon. widespread of conditions and in fact 1996 bringing us 38 degrees. 98, 20 years ago and making a run probably not at this number but we could challenge the record tomorrow. sun up at 5 chn 43. down at 8:25 and we are looking at high pressure in control. that high pressure dominates the area and you can see the storm track to our north and in fact that storm track will be responsible for helping to keep us storm free as we watch a complex dive through new york metro area and southern new england this morning. but otherwise we will be seeing
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the general flow carry storms well up to our north. and watching the return flow maybe getting a hint of that northeastern wind cooling them down by the beaches. that's good news for this. nature's air conditioning at full force but for us, it's about light winds today with high pressure almost directly overhead. if anything we may add a little bit of wind shift to cool some of us down with the influence off the atlantic as we head to the middle of the week. but we stay on the edge of that true heat to the middle of the week until we get a chance to break that. for today, we are aiming for 93. the deal is we have toa heat advisory and that means because of the combined heat and humidity, we will feel up close to 100 and that limits your body's ability to cool off. and we try to limit the outdoor activities drink plenty fluids and preferably water. alcohol and caffeine will make things worse and take advantage of air conditioning. we are looking at that air quality cold orange. this is holiday mode. if we have traffic building up, we will have the next few days where we will build up the
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level. light wind and high temperatures high sun angle helps to make matters worse and that's the issue tomorrow and wednesday. today, we are looking for the 93 down to about 70 overnight. patchy fog and this is matching the dew point levels. once we get up to the 70 dew point. it feels a little oppressive and that's allowing the possibility of patchy fog if temperatures get that cool overnight. tomorrow's 94, hot and sticky challenge the record of 96 that was set in that heat wave of 1991. all right thanks so much. police in california this morning are look for a senior citizen they say robbed a number of banks. >> yeah. coming up why officials are not sure the robber is actually an older man. also ahead this morning, an investigation continues into what caused a huge chemical plant to explode forcing residents to flee. the pictures are incredible.
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all right. look at this megan you talked about this. amazing photos showing a powerful blast that erupted during a chemical fire in north carolina. that blast burned for hours as crews got the flames under control.
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no one was hurt. and nearby residents were told to get out. it's not yet known what caused that explosion. this morning, police and the fbi are look for a man that robbed -- look for a man that robbed 14 banks in california. he has one attribute. his age. they say -- they say he appears to be between 60 and 70 years old. >> even though he appears to be an elderly man, that may not be the case. i can't stress enough at this -- this is a very, very dangerous individual. >> several eyewitness the report say that this suspect could be be committing the crimes using asophisticated special effectselder man mask he's been wearing. in every attempt he display as handgun demand cash and walks outs the door. say with us. if you are -- stay with us this morning. if you are planning a trip to the ocean you may be looking to rent a place. >> a warning for you on how to
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avoid being scamed when it comes to the rental properties. and she found a way to give comfort to kid who lost a parent to war. how her tiny gift is bringing a lot of joy to children of soldiers lost. 7
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